Policy and Procedure Manual

Policies and Procedures are necessary for the effective management of a fire service organization. For individual firefighters, Policies and Procedures reflect both every day rules as well as address the most efficient and effective way to handle exceptional circumstances. Policies and Procedures ensure that all members are ‘reading from the same page’, and they are designed to safeguard against inconsistencies.


Table of Contents


GFD Philosophy

Cover Page

Mission Vision and Values

Organizational Chart

Classification Specifications

Code of Ethics

Rules and Regulations

Probation and Requirements

Social Media Policy

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

Physical Ability Test

Spouses of Deceased Members


Sexual Harassment

Commendation Policy

Weapons Restriction

Alcohol and Drug Use Restriction

Seatbelt Pledge

Fire Station Access Key

Emergency Information

Hepatitis B Vaccination


Public Safety Officers’ Benefits (PSOB)

Clothing Allowance

Recruit Mentorship Program

Travel and Per Diem

Animals in the Fire Station

Borrowing Fire Department Equipment

Funeral Procedure – General Visitation Information

Funeral Procedure – Wake Service for Social Members

Funeral Procedure – Active Member

Post Incident Review

Uniform and Equipment Return and Reimbursement

Department Dress Uniform

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