Galena Fire Department SOG’s

The department has developed and implemented Operational SOG’s that establish guidelines intended to ensure the most effective and consistent performance of duties while responding to, and while dealing with, emergency situations.
SOG’s are consistent with NFPA 1500, the scope of which contains minimum requirements for a fire service–related occupational safety and health program, and associated applicable standards of operation.

Cover Page

Table of Contents

Message from the Fire Chief


Mission Vision and Values

Purpose and Responsibility

SOG 001Apparatus and Vehicle Operation

SOG 002 Vehicle Response and Minimum Staffing

SOG 003 Seating Assignment and Responsibilities

SOG 004 Responding to and Returning from Alarms

SOG 005 Personal Protective Equipment

SOG 006 Tactical Priorities

SOG 007 SCBA Respiratory Protection

SOG 008 SCBA Monthly Inspections

SOG 009 SCBA and SCUBA Vessel Maintenance

SOG 010 Backing of Apparataus

SOG 011 Radio Communications

SOG 012 Response and Emergency Scene Safety

SOG 013 Traffic Safety Vests

SOG 014 Incident Command

SOG 015 Safety Officer

SOG 016 Scene Size Up

SOG 017 Emergency Vehicle Placement

SOG 018 Personnel Accountability

SOG 019Two In – Two Out

SOG 020 Rapid Intervention Team

SOG 021 Lock out Tag out

SOG 022 Mayday Procedure

SOG 023 Structural Collapse

SOG 024 Lost or Trapped Firefighter Self-Survival

SOG 025 Lost or Trapped Firefighter – Command Actions

SOG 026 Firefighter Rehabilitation

SOG 027 Ventilation

SOG 028 Salvage

SOG 029 Overhaul

SOG 030 Bloodborne Pathogens

SOG 031 Equipment Repair

SOG 032 Equipment Out-of-Service

SOG 033 Motor Vehicle Fires

SOG 034 Vehicle Accidents

SOG 035 Hazardous Materials Incidents

SOG 036 Chimney Fires

SOG 037 Carbon Monoxide Incidents

SOG 038 Bomb and Explosion Threat

SOG 039 Power Line Incidents

SOG 040 Boating Accidents

SOG 041 LP Gas Fires

SOG 042 Ice and Water Rescue

SOG 043 Railway Incidents

SOG 044 Farm Accidents

SOG 045 Tanker Operations

SOG 046 Six-Wheeler Operations

SOG 047 Confined Space Initial Company Actions

SOG 048 Trench Collapse

SOG 049 Silo Fires

SOG 050 Steel Grain Bin Fires

SOG 051 Structural Collapse

SOG 052 Helicoptor Landing Zone Operations

SOG 053Violent Incident Response

SOG 054 Mass Shooting – Active Shooter Incidents

SOG 055 GFD Training Center


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